Tips for Preparing Your Car for the Summers

posted on 23 Aug 2017 14:14 by autorepairtool

Hot weather can bring in many problems for your car and the better you are prepared for it, the easier it will be for you to deal with it. Here are some tips for keeping your car in good condition in the summers:

1. Replace the air filters at least twice a year. Replacing them ensures that not only the engine gets the proper amount of clean air, but also you and other passengers are breathing in clean air. There are many allergens and particles in the air during the summertime and having clean filters ensure that the engine as well as the passengers get cleaner and healthier air.

2. Keep the wiper blades to clean to be able to see through clearly and not being blinded by a sudden summer rain. It is best to replace them at the beginning of the summer months to make sure that you can see your way safely through a summer rain.

3. Summers mean heavy storms. If the tread of your tires are not as they should be, it can lead to unsafe driving situations on the wet roads. Checking the tires include ensuring that they have the right tire pressure. Punctures are also common during the season, with the summer heat worsening the damages that are already existing.

4. Make sure the batteries are in proper working condition. You can get it done for free from any garage.

5. Make sure the brake system is working the way they should. Check the system thoroughly twice a year- once at the beginning of summers and the other at the beginning of the winters. Also check your brake fluid. The brake fluid evaporates through use. If there's a significant drop in the level of fluid, take it to a mechanic and have it checked.

6. Check that your engine coolant level is between the maximum and minimum at least once when the engine is cold autel. If the level has dropped, get it to your local mechanic.

7. The cooling fan activates automatically when the engine gets overheated. If the cooling fan stops functioning, the engine coolant will likely begin to boil that can cause severe damage to various car components. For checking the condition of the cooling fan, run the car to normal temperature Autel MaxiCOM MK808. Once this has reached, keep the engine running while parked up for nearly 5 minutes. If the fans are in good condition, they should automatically kick up after this length of time.

8. Summer is often the time when road maintenance works are carried out. This results in loose debris on the road that can fly up and destroy the outer body of your car. Follow the speed limit when driving through the work zones and also maintain a distance from the vehicle ahead of you to prevent flying debris from damaging your car surface Autel MaxiTPMS PAD.

9. Have you car regularly serviced at a center that offers the best car service. The service center should be reputed and have qualified professionals to look after your car. Visit to know more.

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