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BMW is always a symbol of status and associated with luxury. It's a dream buy specifically for Yuppies around. The products are best known for their performance and also for the resale value they offer. Even though the company is committed to environmental safety and standards they just offer a single variety of hybrid in United States .But in order to minimize the effect on environment Autel MaxiSys, they need to offer more than just one hybrid. The company's website is quite confusing compared to other manufacturer's websites and it is difficult to figure out how much they are committed to the environment. Leaving that apart, we here look at what they have for the customers in 2009 for SUVs and list out their top picks and the worst ones.

The successful model: This 4x4 wheel drive model hit the right chord with the customers scoring nearly perfect 10 on its ratings. It is offered as 3 variants, two models boast of a 3.0 liter engine having six cylinders and the other variant has a 4.8 liter engine with 8 cylinders. These SUVs offer a mileage of 16 - 21 miles per gallon based on the model. These vehicles come at a starting price $47,500 and going up to $56,200. There is a diesel variant of this model coming up in 2009.Customers feel it is heavenly to drive this SUV and has a towing capacity of 6000 pounds regardless of the engine size. Wind noise is totally negated and provides great seat comfort except for en extra third seat which the customers believe is useless Autel MaxiSys Pro. Nevertheless, the third seat don't seem to bother the BMW enthusiasts much as they are much happy with the interiors which has entertainment options on the rear seat along with camera. Ardent bimmer fans feel that the manufacturer is not sure how to package and present the vehicle to its customers.

The one that let it down: It is also a 4x4 wheel drive that comes as a single model, the xDrive30i, without variants. It has a 6 cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.0 liters and has a mileage of 19 miles per gallon. Customers feel that the vehicle is low on interiors and doesn't offer much over the 3-series in terms of accommodating people and freight as it does not offer much capacity. The ride is not smooth as expected and too many controls on the dashboard make the audio and Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems a little tough for a newbie. As a whole, BMW strives hard to fulfill their customer needs than worrying about the environment as it offers a single hybrid which is the 5-series sedan which can cost around $60,000 if it is totally customized as per your needs.

It is considered as a symbol of status more than just a means of transport hence if you wish to own a BMW make sure you pay a fortune to attain that luxury. They are really top notch vehicles but the vehicle should be chosen as per your needs and also don't forget to get an extended warranty which will assist you in resale and minimize the cost of repair once the normal warranty is over.

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