TRUCK led lights - How to rate them

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Why buy Led lights for my truck or car? Well. led lights are semiconductors, just like a computer chip in you r computer. When voltage is passed through them, they emit energy in the form of light Autel MaxiCOM MK808. They are made with certain chemicals, that determine their light color. leds convert the majority of voltage passed through them to light, as opposed to other incandescent bulbs that produce light by energy heating them. But led can be up to 90% more efficient than traditional truck filament light bulbs

What s the cost to you? They can be more expensive than the traditional truck bulbs. But if you shop online you can get them for a fair price. The led light last a lot longer and use less voltage from the batteries. But most of all they are far more reliable then the old style filament bulbs. They run cooler and use less energy to work. They generally are sealed units so you do have to take tem apart and clean the sockets like you do some times with filament bulbs. I guess you can say it means less down time. When you are trucking time is money you do not want any down time.

Led rating: originally when LED bulbs came out there were no real standards, manufacturers would claim lifetimes of 100,000 hours with no real testing. Since then the standard has been to scale back to 50,000 hours so as not to over-state claims. (Beware of bulbs that are rated at 100,000 hours unless they state specifically Why they are rated at so high I would be wary of trusting this rating).Many of the manufacturers producing their 3rd generation LED bulbs are now starting to be more conservative and rating their bulbs at 35,000 hours, having gotten test results back from 1-2 years of testing. Rated at 35,000 hours, you can rest assured the manufacturer is not overstating their claims. Anything more than 50,000 hours... buyer beware or it could be BS.

The led lifespan led bulb may continue to be useful for several thousand hours past its stated lifetime. Unlike old-fashioned light bulbs, it is extremely rare for an led light to simply burn out. Rather, it will gradually fade over time, as the little diode start to fade,but your truck light is still visible to on coming cars unlike filament bulbs that just quit.

How do you compare the led bulbs to each other? There are quite a few websites like our "" online that you can buy led bulbs. The problem is "how do you compare one bulb to another?" A quick way to do this is to calculate the lumens/watt, or, the total amount of light you get from the amount of electricity you put in. This is done by simply dividing the bulbs wattage by the stated number of lumens Autel MaxiDiag MD808. Anything over 50 lumens/watt is good at the moment. 75 lumens/watt is very good while 100 lumens/watt is excellent. Keep in mind this is just a general comparison - some bulbs may be rated as brighter or dimmer than this.

At least this article gives you an idea of the measurement used for led lights. The other measurement I would use is the quality of the led light you buy. Is it designed to withstand the vast changes in the weather from being in the cold and wet to being extremely hot and dry. The quality of the lenses of the outer led is also something to consider and also the ability to mount it on your truck.

If you are interested in more information on this topic or would like to see the Edgeolite led lights simply click here.

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Triump Motorcycle Tips And Reviews

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In 1949, three motorcycles shown up at 500 miles an average speed of 92mph. This is the introduction of the world to Triumph Thunderbird. From 1949 until 1966, Triumph produced 649c.c. motorcycle conquer the American market for the company. It allows long-distance touring bike and that is how often equipped. After the 1966 model year, the next is a version of Thunderbird TR65 - small-bore version of the T-140 Bonneville Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. That lasted for three years. Finally, in 1990 John Bloor generate marque and has moved to Hinckley factory.

Like many motorcycle companies, Triumph has discovered that the factory sells accessories to customize their motorcycles is a lucrative business. However, they also know that the quality products needed to keep buyers coming back.

As for appearance, the classic style of the Thunderbird remained in Sport - a beautiful two-tone paint, historic Triumph badge, finned cylinder engine, and accent lighting round chrome nacelle. However, Sport takes a 'dark' characters by eliminating most of the chrome on the original and replace it with a black satin. Luxury stitches and buttons found in the standard Thunderbird missing from Sport. Even the airbox did not escape the designer's eyes; was covered with 'cheese-grater' pieces to look like a classic motorcycle racing. The two exhaust pipes exit on the right side of the bike through a series of upswept Mufflers inverted cone. This allows for ground clearance is better when up to speed quickly.

Triumph accessories catalog itself developed in conjunction with the model itself. All the design and testing performed while the new motorcycle models are being developed to ensure that the accessories' fit and finish is very good and only motorcycle repair. Achieving this level of quality does not interfere Triumph of creating a very large and complete line of accessories.

Last Thunderbird comes from the line in 2004. That is the Thunderbird Sport is to close this chapter of the history of Thunderbird. It was a very popular machine and many are sold and accessorized around the world. Triumph did not forget how important this model is the existence of them, so they decided to release another Thunderbird to the public. This one is a twin again, but a very large 1600c.c. appointed twin cruisers. Thunderbird flies again

For 2010 Triumph Thunderbird, Triumph seems out all stops of the departments to customize them. Chrome everywhere in the catalog original accessories ... chrome step bars, chrome 'paper arrows' Thunderbird clutch cover, chrome wheels, chrome fork covers, chrome crash bars, chrome instrument covering the head - it just kept happening. Options include remote saddlebags, sissy bar bags, cowl painted lamps, and anything that can be locked or mounted on a motorcycle to make it more comfortable for the long road ahead. In addition, many performance accessories sold, including big bore kit - for about U.S. $ 900 Add-ons can be 1700c.c., Or 104 cubic centimeters, animals from the patrol car forces! Whatever the owner needs to create a more comfortable touring bikes, roadburner strong, or just something that is very pleasing to the eye are available at the Triumph dealer near you Autel MaxiTPMS PAD.

For more information see another guide on motorcycle repair

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Transmission Repair and Their Symptoms

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Transmission repair is something that a vehicle needs when the signs point to something wrong in this area. There can be many different symptoms that can lead the mechanic to assume that it is in this aspect that the service is necessary. There are mechanics or technicians who specialize in repairing the many different problems that might originate from this area of the car. To be clear, the transmission is different from the engine.

Signs that indicate a need for transmission repair include, but are not limited to, the following no movement (whether forward or backward), indicator light recommends to check engine or have it serviced, difficulty moving the shift handle, strange smell or sound form the engine and a laboring engine.
When the vehicle is on and there is no movement from it Autel Maxisys MS908CV, even with the shift is on D for drive or R for reverse, this is a sure indicator that there must be something wrong with the gearbox and the system that makes it function. A loose connection between the shifter and the gearbox may be the problem or a missing nut and bolt that connect the system together. If the shift handle can still be moved from P, N, R, or whatever indicator is on the shifter, then the issue may be with the gearbox itself. Transmission repair or a checkup is also necessary when the indicator lights recommend it. Modern vehicles have signs and indicators that turn on to warn the driver when something is wrong with the engine or the vehicle in general. These indicators are a reliable basis for going to the service garage for a checkup Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. When the shift handle does not move at all, then this is also a sure sign that there is an imperative need to have the vehicle checked. It is also a warning sign if the shift indicator does not line up properly in the right sign. Sometimes, the shifter may even move on its own slowly or suddenly pop out of the designated letter. This can cause an accident and should be brought to the attention of a competent service garage. In cases where the automobile does not run or moves sluggishly, it may be dangerous to bring it out on the road and drive it to the shop for a checkup. In cases like these, it is safer to have the service shop tow it.

When there is a burnt or rancid smell emanating from under the hood, there are a few possibilities of its origin. Either the engine oil or the gear oil is burnt or something else is exposed to heat, like rubber, and it is burning or melting. Like any other machine, there is a need to regularly change the oil that helps the gears run smoothly. Drops of oil or any other liquid on the ground after parking the vehicle is also an indicator that transmission repair may be needed or maybe just a checkup to see if there is a leak in this area of the engine.

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